Hello, Welcome to the world of Green View Tea Industries. With decades of experience and expertise in tea manufacturing domain, Green View Tea Industries has been consistently producing and delivering finest & high quality of teas to invigorate discerning tea lovers around the world. Green View Tea Industries is known for its world class, state of the art manufacturing unit where high quality of CTC teas are produced.


Green View Tea Industries mainly produces CTC grade teas. CTC stands for Crush, Tear, and Curl. CTC is a method of processing black tea, similar to that of orthodox tea manufacture. Instead of the leaves being rolled as a final stage, they are passed through a series of cylindrical rollers that crush, tear, and curl the tea. Following grades are being manufactured at our facility.

BPBroken Pekoe
BOPBroken Orange Pekoe
BPSBroken Pekoe Souchong
BOPFBroken Orange Pekoe Fannings
PDPekoe Dust
RDRed Dust
FDFine Dust


Hover on the below steps to understand the end to end manufacturing process


Tea leaves and flushes, which includes a terminal bud and two young leaves, are plucked from Camellia sinensis bushes. The quality of tea will be determined by the maturity of the shoots being plucked. Plucking is usually done by hand when a higher quality tea is needed.


Withering is used to remove excess moisture from the leaves and allows a very slight amount of oxidation. The leaves sometimes lose more than a quarter of their weight in water during withering.


The teas are bruised or torn in order to promote and quicken oxidation. leaf disruption can be done by kneading, rolling, tearing, and crushing, usually by machinery. This also releases some of the leaf juices, which may aid in oxidation and change the taste profile of the tea.

Rolling / Shaping

Rolling machine which causes the tea to wrap around itself. This rolling action also causes some of the sap, essential oils, and juices inside the leaves to ooze out, which further enhances the taste of the tea.


For teas that require oxidation, the leaves are left on their own in a climate-controlled room or using machines where they turn progressively darker.


Drying is done to 'finish' the tea for sale. Baking is usually the most common. The drying of the produced tea is responsible for many new flavour compounds and to arrest further odixation process.


Sorting is a mechanical process. One of the objectives of sorting is to classify tea according to the size of the tea particles.


Packing involves segregating the respective grades of tea and packing them into bags that are suitable for transportation.


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